October 06, 2011

Greetings from my sweet little boy, River.

We are rockin’ the disposable until all of the meconium passes. I’m hoping that happens soon…it is quite nasty.

This one below was actually taken at 1 day old, it was the first time Layla and Clementine had met River. Layla balanced all around his crib peering in, but never touching. She loves him so much.

  • Tammy Ekrut

    Why am I not holding this baby and kissing his toes? I love him so much!

  • (Nurse) Shannon

    Hi Kate! I sooo stumbled upon your website looking for a family photographer to take pics of my family. You totally downgraded your wonderful talent! River is so beautiful and I love his room. Congrats again!I feel so grateful to have been a part of your beautiful day. Maybe next year you can bless us with your awesome photography skills and take pics of my family :) Enjoy your precious baby boy.

  • Katie, love the pics! Especially of the dog meeting the new family member. Hope all is well! Keep the pics of River coming! :)

  • Suz Sewell

    Looks like Mama Layla is on duty!!! Precious pics!

  • I love this picture. SO SWEET!!!