March 19, 2010

Finally, the family from the mysterious post from over a week ago. I have already been asked, so I will go ahead and say, no unfortunately the skirts are not props that I own. They came with the family!

Bring on the cuteness!

Ok, really, this could be my new business card. How fun is she?!

I love her eyes. Cracks me up everytime! I wish I could take credit for that…

Thanks for a great session and for looking up the Muscovy Duck!

  • Dieu

    Kate, I love all the pictures–I can’t stop smiling while I look at them over and over again! Thank you for doing such an awesome job with my family!!!

  • Lisa

    I love those skirts, how cute! The pictures with the green grass in the background and purple flower are my favorite. What precious kids!

  • WOW… Gorgeous… Wonderful… Super Fab…. You guys totally rocked your portrait session and your fab photog did an amazing job ! The kiddos are getting SO BIG !!!